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About i KADA Dance Center

i KADA Dance Center Inc. is an open place for anyone interested in the world of dance. We provide classes and exposure to various dance forms of all levels.

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i KADA Dance Youth Program

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Mee Jung

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Yuka Ogawa Headshot_edited.jpg

Yuka Ogawa

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Hip-Hop Dance Instructor

Mireille Lorenzo Staff_edited.jpg

Mireille Lorenzo

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Ballet Instructor

Jacob Nah.jpg

Jacob Nah

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Vocal Instructor

Limanol Adams 1.JPG

Limanol Adams

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Zumba Instructor

Kaneri headshot.jpg

Kaneri Ekawa

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Hip-Hop Dance Instructor

Yurie Ono Staff Image_edited.jpg

Yurie Ono

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K-Pop & Waacking Instructor

Rachel Hwang_edited.jpg

Yura Rachel Hwang

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Vocal Instructor

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*We accept Cash and/or Checks*

*Paypal Users will be required to pay a 3% Fee*

*All Credit Cards are subject to processing/service fees*

Contact Information


Telephone: 201-429-2891


2011 Lemoine Avenue B1

Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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