Looking for choreographers for KoDaFe in NYC 2021 

i KADA Dance Company is searching for choreographers to participate for our International Dance Festival, KoDaFe in NYC! 


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i KADA Contemporary Dance Company

i KADA contemporary dance company was formed  in Sept, 2011 in NYC. KADA stands for Korean American Dance Association. We are a contemporary dance company focusing on cultural exchange through the arts. While our focus is dance, we also fuse visual arts, music, painting and photography into our shows and festivals. i KADA dance offers a unique program for our international students from Korea that no other companies are doing.

Our aspiration is to create and present dance works of extraordinary artistry
that deliver positive messages and life enriching experiences for all.


i KADA exchange program: i KADA dance offers a unique program for our international students from Korea that no other companies are doing. We address the whole process of moving, living and establishing a dance career in the United States. We speak the language and know the culture of both the United States and Korea.


Renting out space for classes, workshops, rehearsals and auditions. i KADA teaches all ethnic groups from all corners of the world. Our main focus has been teaching foreign exchange Korean dancers who want to break into the industry by learning directly under our professional teachers. Choreography & teaching form is a part of how we start our lessons. We have various levels of classes that range from Diet, Kids classes, K-pop, teen & traditional korean dance.


We give dancers more exposure, in order to have more performances. We tend to invite famous instructors and musicians from Korea as well as all over the world, to give classes to our students. We choreograph and also design the costume wear based on the theme of the music, to give amazing performances.


i KADA is working on cultural exchange through the arts. In the future we are planning on inviting artists and companies from Korea to perform in the US as well as inviting companies / performers from the US to perform in Korea as part of our cultural exchange program. i KADA Dance Company would like to connect and have a relationship with as many dance companies and artist through the festival to forge strong bonds for the future.





i KADA presents their annual festival called “KoDaFe” which stands for Korean Dance Festival.

in NYC


"The life and essence of art –whether it be painting, music, or dance – lies in expressing through a wellspring of emotion the universal realm of the human spirit. It is a melding of the individual and the universal. That is why great art reaches out beyond ethnic and national barriers to move people all over the world." 
-  Daisaku Ikeda

i KADA presents their annual festival called “KoDaFe” which stands for Korean Dance Festival. All shows and festivals have a specific theme attached to the works. This is where the cultural exchange between artists, choreographers, and dancers are united.




i KADA Contemporary Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Click the button below to securely donate to us and become one of our amazing supporters!

Benefactor circle - $10,000 & Above

*Donors receive 12 tickets to an upcoming Gala event, the sponsor recognition in i KADA Dance performances, and 6 tickets to an upcoming showcase of the KoDaFe in NYC.

Sustainer circle - $5,000 & above

*Donors receive 8 tickets to an upcoming Gala Event, the sponsor recognition in i KADA performances, and 4 tickets to an upcoming showcase of the KoDaFe in NYC.

Producer circle - $2,500 & above

*Donors receive 6 tickets to an upcoming Gala Event the sponsor recognition in i KADA performances, and 2 tickets to an upcoming showcase of the KoDaFe in NYC.

Sponsor - $1,000 & above

*Donors receive 4 tickets to an upcoming Gala Event and the sponsor recognition in i KADA performances.

Friend - $250

*Donors receive 1 ticket to an upcoming Gala Event.

i KADA Dance also accepts any other amount.

We appreciate all amounts whether small or large. Thank you.

All monetary contributions will be divided between booking rehearsal spaces, show venues, creating costumes, dancers' wages, multi media, promotion for the shows, and for the Artist's Dreams.

With your support in donations, we will be able to keep our dreams alive, and we can make others' dreams become a reality as well. We believe when something is given, it should be passed to another. We help each other, we pull each other up by sharing and giving back. We thank you in advance for your help!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How do I donate to i KADA Dance?

A: You can donate via the donation button labeled below. We accept PayPal, Credit, and Debit as well as other forms of payment.


Q: Are my donations tax deductible?

A: Yes!


For more information contact us at ikadadance@gmail.com



i KADA Dance Agency


The i KADA (Korean American Dance Association) Contemporary Dance Company was formed in the summer of 2011. The vision for the company is to provide cultural exchange through dance. After much hard work and determination on September 11 2011, i KADA had it's first performance as a dance company in New York City.


i KADA is dedicated to working with dancers that have love, passion and technical ability regardless of race, genre or age.


There are many dancers who have dreams and aspire to travel and study abroad in the United States. If you are serious about studying in the U.S, it is important to prepare yourself properly. The U.S is an immense country with many different styles of colleges, dance schools and dance companies in addition to language, cultural and life style differences. i KADA gives dancers an opportunity to participate in the annual i KADA dance company shows and festivals to those who are committed to our mission. If you have any interest or questions, contact ikadadance@gmail.com



Artistic Director Mee Jung


For booking inquiries, please fill out this form:

Associate Director Ae-Soon Kim
Administration Assistance Ahsan Tariq
Youth Program Manager Kim Blisard
Photos by Whitney Browne | Website by Erika Choe
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